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What I saw on my bike today…a violin maker’s workshop

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Whenever I go past this place I marvel that a violin maker’s workshop would be ‘just right there’…how very unusual, I always think. But, then, they have to be somewhere I suppose and it’s a lovely addition to the many interesting places to poke your nose in to around here.

Today was my first ‘in full daylight’ cycle ride. Until now, constrained by the summer holidays, I’ve limited my rides to the evening when MrSpud was around to mind the boys. Today I was sans Megaboys and snuck out for an hour for a ride and a solo lunch, such a treat! There was a little more traffic and the added complication of finding a spot to lock my bike up when I wanted to get off. It was harder than I’d thought. A surprising irritation of bike riding.

After lunch I spied a beautiful church, bathed in celestial light…


…and silence and shadows…seen through a glass, darkly…


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8 Responses to “What I saw on my bike today…a violin maker’s workshop”

  1. After witnessing your bicycle rides for a while now I think you might live in an Enid Blyton book. No?

  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous photos. So glad you shared them with us.

  3. What amazing images – thank you for the wonderful things you share

  4. Gorgeous pictures. The violin workshop looks magical. I've always wanted to play the violin.

  5. Yes, just thinking what Laura was thinking – do you live in The Shire, with the Hobbits? It seems idyllic, anyway. Am feeling bad for Tunbridge Wells now.

  6. I especially love the violin workshop – so evocative!

  7. You know how they say you never forget how to ride a bike?



    You make me want to learn again.

  8. thankyou for your thoughts the church breings a feeling of pease to me

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