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What a difference a year makes

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A kiss for the birthday girl

Or does it? Here’s Diggy and his girlfriend Clara at her 4th birthday party over the weekend. So sweet…they love each other very dearly…it really it is a very touching relationship.

Rewind exactly a year to Clara’s 3rd birthday, and what do we have?

5 June 2010 Kisses sweeter than wine


How many years will they be so compliant for a birthday kiss I wonder? Although Diggy wasn’t that keen on attempts at another kiss once he’d obliged this year:


Give us a kiss!

Go on!

Clara…looking rightly disgruntled:


Happy Birthday lovely, lovely Clara xxx

Lovely Clara

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3 Responses to “What a difference a year makes”

  1. Oh. So sweet it makes me feel all squishy inside. I hope they always cherish their friendship.

  2. I still have lovely thoughts of a boy I loved aged 4!
    What a beautiful girl Clara is – it’s odd in the first photograph (to me) she looks as if she has makeup on – which clearly she doesn’t, I think it’s the light in the photo but that was my initial reaction – strange.

  3. no lie- you had me at “diggy”. ; )

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